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About AutoVRP

Automated VTU Reseller Portal [AutoVRP]  help you to generate a VTU website within 1-50minutes that you can use to start making profit on autopilot selling  Airtime, Data, TV Subscription, Electricity etc.


We conducted a deep research and realized that, a lot of people including students, teachers, civil servants etc are eager to tap into this business of Telecommunication  in Nigeria and the globe but are limited by coding knowlegde/skills, resources etc. Hence, we provided this solution.
You get instant AUTOMATED VTU RESELLER PORTAL in just 1 – 50 minutes ready to start running immediately and making you cash every minutes completely on auto-pilot.

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AutoVRP  was built to make it easy for whoever wants to go into VTU BUSINESS (AIRTIME AND DATA TOP-UP), BILL PAYMENTS,CABLE SUBSCRITPTION, ELECTRICITY etc. to be able to connect to multiple APIs. So you won’t be stocked using just one provider. The advantage is that you don’t get downtimes because of a provider’s problem just switch to the other. This is an automatic money making machine for you.

We realised how many lifes we can impact by creating such platform that allow even students to have side hustle with less distraction and hassle. The software was is been sold for #350,000 one-off but we decided to make it accessible to every one. We have eliminated the need to learn coding skill or the need to pay for hosting service as this solution has done all… the only thing you need is choose a plan and start earning.
You also choose a API to integrate, as AutorVRP is built to support a number of APIs so you a not stucked to a single provider/vendor.

Most vendor out there offer to create a one-off solution for you but they wont tell you This

  1. You will purchase the script/application for a huge amount of money ranging from #50,000 and above
  2. You will pay for hosting yearly or monthly depending i.e if they do eventually do the hosting for you

These can be very expensive considering the fact that they have already sold the application to you a very huge price. They still Charge you continiously for hosting.
Where as AutoVRP does not need you to buy software at any amount, we have taken care of that already and we compressed it both and subsidized.